about me


My artistic starting points are : idea, shape, material and colour.

Clay is the material that I use mostly. By modelling I aim at sensitive forms. Often my subject is a human figure and I feel that there are enough ideas for the rest of my life.

When the clay shape is ready, I transform it to a harder and better lasting material. By using moulds I cast them in bronze, aluminium or concret

Periodically I also do oil colour paintings. My works have been shown in exhibitions mainly in Bergen, Oslo and Helsinki.





the merit list



               The University of Industrial Art, Helsinki          FIN   1977-1983

               Free Art School, Helsinki                                  FIN   1975-1977


               The Finnish-Norwegian Cultural institution       FIN   2004

               Norwegian State                                                 NOR 2000

               Norwegian Culturefound                                    NOR 1995 and 1998

               Bergen Community                                             NOR 1998

               Hordaland County                                              NOR 1995

               Kvinnherad Community Culturstipend                NOR 1992

               Nyland County Artcommission                           FIN   1992

               Alfred Kordelins Found                                     FIN   1990

               Oskar Öflund Found                                           FIN   1090

               Niilo Helander Found                                        FIN   1989

               Uusimaa County Artcommission                        FIN   1988

               The Art Academy of Finland                              FIN   1987

               State of Finland                                                  FIN   1985


                            London                                                              Engl.may 1017

                Lanzarote                                                          ESP 14-21. nov. 2015

Casa Randi Tenerife                                                           ESP 25 sept-02 oct 2012

               Helsinki                                                              FIN   2001-10

               Prague                                                                TZE  2008

               Lausanne                                                            SH    2007

               Venezia                                                              ITA   2007

               Nordic Art Center                                              FIN  1995

               The Nordic Art Centre Sveaborg, Helsinki        FIN   1995

               Høyanger                                                            NOR 1995

               Oulu                                                                   FIN   1993

               Kremnica                                                            TZE  1990

               The Nordic Art Centre, Bergen                          NOR 1989

               Sarjah, The Arabic Emirates                              TAE  1989

               Rome                                                                  ITA   1985


               USF-Feriekolonien exhibition in a container 28.-30.5.2018 Bergen

               100 years Honour for Finland at Finnish Consulate in Bergen 4.-5. Nov. 2017

               Gallery Mjösvågen                                   16.7.-21.8.2016

               Osteröy                                                            Nor 2016

               Cafe Kippers Bergen                                         Nor   2014

               Gallery BE`19, Helsinki                                    FIN   2012

               Gallery BE`19, Helsinki                                    FIN   2009

               Gallery Style 25, Lausanne                               CH    2007

               Galleri Loyd,Oslo                                              NOR 2006

               Galleri BE`19 ,Helsinki                                     FIN   2006

               “Kunst i Badet” Bergen                                    NOR 2005

               Galleri Aarni Espoo                                           FIN   2004

               Galleri Drops Bergen                                        NOR 2004

               The Finnish-Norwegian Culture Centre, Oslo    NOR 2004

               Galleri f, Porvoo                                                FIN   2002-3

               Galleri BE`19, Helsinki                                     FIN   2002

               Cafe Kippers,Georgernes verft 12, Bergen        NOR 2000

               Galleri Haganes, Sotra                                       NOR 1999

               Galleri Langegaarden ,Bergen                            NOR 1998

               Bergens Kunstforening, Intimgalleriet                NOR 1997

               Galleri Snikkeriet, Rosendal                              NOR 1995

               Galleri Vestkanten, Bergen                                NOR 1991

               ”The Night of Arts”Helsinki                              FIN   1991

               Galleria Katariina, Helsinki                               FIN   1990

               Ässä-Galleria, Helsinki                                     FIN   1988

               Espoo Visual Artists`Galleri                              FIN   1985


                           Christmas exhibition

                           Cultural House USF Bergen                                  NOR 2016

               Karmoysund, Haugesund                                    NOR 2010

               Gimle, Bergen                                                    NOR 2010

               “S(art)or”, Sartor Senter , Bergen                      NOR 2008

               400-meters-Art, Voss                                         NOR 2008

               “Erotique”,Helsinki                                           FIN   2006

               “Snop” Åsane Kunstforening                              NOR 2005

               Art in Landscape Tyssöy                                    NOR 2004

               Galleri G.Goddal, Rosendal                              NOR 2003

               Puls-vind-augo, Norheimsund                            NOR 2003

               Galleri Siverts, Bergen                                      NOR 2005,3,2,1

               Radøy Art Center                                               NOR 2002

               Harding Puls, Bergen                                         NOR 2002

               Kvam”Kunstlag”, Norheimsund                         NOR 2002

               ”Viiden visiitti”, Virkkala                                  NOR 2001

               Rana ”Kunstforening”                                        NOR 2001

               Galleri AK, Voss                                               NOR 2000

               Galleri 3 , Oslo                                                  NOR 2000

               Fredrikshavn Art Museum                                  DK   1998

               Westnorwegian industryplacemuseum, Tyssedal        1997

               ”Fjordlangs Mathilde”, Hordaland                    NOR 1996

               Eidfjord cultral house                                        NOR 1996

               ”Jord,Teikn,Jord”, Norheimsund                       NOR 1994

               ”The 1.International Bothnia Seascape Art

               Workshop,Oulu                                                  FIN   1993

               ”The 3.International Quadrennal of Medals

               Kremnica                                                            TZEK1993

               ”The 2.InternationalQuadrennal of Medals

               Kremnica                                                            TZEK1990

               The Espoo Visual Artists`Union                         FIN   1990-86,82

               “Mellom Rommene”, Bergen                             NOR 1990

               “Kroveisgalleriet”, Højberg                              DK   1990

               ”Annualen-89, Stockholm                                  SWE 1980

               ”Made in USF”, Bergen                                     NOR 1989

               “Fra Bysant Til Sveaborg”, Helsinki                 FIN   1989

               ”The letters from Bastion”, Helsinki                  FIN   1989

               “The Funkki group”, Helsinki                            FIN   1988

               “Anti-Galleria”, Helsinki                                   FIN   1987


               “Viiden visiitti”Virkkala                                    FIN   2001

               Westlands Exhibition                                         NOR 99,97,94

               Sunnhordalands Exhibition, Stord                      NOR 96,94

               Helsinki District Exhibition                               FIN   1986

               The Year Exhibition of The Artists`

               Association of Finland                                       FIN   1982


               The Finnish Embassy,Oslo                                 NOR

               Bergen Community                                             NOR

               Yrjö A.Jäntti collection, Porvoo                        FIN

               Karen Melvær Collection, Bergen                     NOR

               KainuuBank collection                                       FIN

               The Bothnia Seascape Art Workshop Collection FIN

               NOKIA-headquarters, Espoo                             FIN


               Nordic Art Centre Art Workshop project           FIN   1985-1990


               Friundervisningen in Bergen                              NOR 1991-2012

               Ceramic-institution, sculpture,Bergen                NOR 2001-2006

               Årstad kulturkontor sculpture, Bergen                NOR 1999-2000

               Elsa Eikaas art school,Bergen                            NOR 1999-2001    AOF Bergen Sculpture,painting                                                 NOR 1996-2009

               Westlands Art Academy,bronce casting             NOR 1993

               Stord Vidaregåande School,Art                         NOR 1992-1997

               Friundervisningen in Porvoo, sculpture             FIN   1990-1991

               Helsinki Artists Union Paintingschool               FIN   1989-1991

               Westend`s Invalid Craftschool ,art                     FIN   1985


               Open air statue in bronse: Catherine von Lauenburg,    

                        the Queen of Sweden memorial.     Helsinki     FIN   2014

               Open air statue in the town Egersund                 NOR 2000

               A Medal for Kvinnherad Community

               Cultureprice                                                       NOR 1993

               Relief for Scientist August J.Mela, Kuopio        FIN   1990


               Participation in the 6th international biennal

               Of contemporary medals-Seixal

               17 april to 13 june                                              POR 2010

               Participation in the First International

               Aluminium Symposium, Höyanger                     NOR 1995

               Exhibition Assistant on The Art Academy

               of Finland                                                           FIN   1984-1985


               The Association of Visual Artists in Hordaland

               The Association of Norwegian Sculptors

               The Association of Finnish Sculptors

               The Association  of Norwegian Visual Artists

               The Helsinki Artists`Association

               The Espoo Artists`Association

               Associated member of Harding Puls


               The Govern of the Association for Finnish

               Sculptors, Deputy

               Repr.Of the Association for Finnish Sculptors

               in the Meeting of the Nordic Art Alliance